Keeping Your Home Healthy By Choosing The Right Dehumidifier

Recently the weather has not been too good, with the hurricane session is coming and heavy rain strike more frequently. Having a high level of humidity in your home could result in bad odors , mold mildew and rust, furthermore moisture could give bad effect to your electronic appliances and your furniture. Unless your house is designed to handle humidity by keeping the heat inside regulated, chances are you will need a dehumidifier.

A humidifier is rated by the amount pints of water it cant take from the air in 24 hour time. For example , on the bedrooms and living area where water is nowhere near , and well circulated, a 25-pint humidifier will do. For the basement areas or any area with direct contact with lots of water such as bathroom, I suggest choosing a humidifier with larger pint capability , here are some tips on choosing the right humidifier for your home and keeping it under good maintenance.

  • Choose dehumidifier size based on your home, a 25 pint unit will be good if you have 500 square feet area , for 3000 square feet or more, choose dehumidifier with larger than 40 pints capacity.
  • Calculate the money youd like to spend, don’t forget theres the energy cost and some extra feauter that comes with the dehumidifiers.
  • Pay attention to how the dehumidifier must be maintained, since some dehumidifier requires you to drain the water in it , while there are also an automatic type.
  • Make sure you protect the dehumidifier outlet form spilled water , use ground-fault circuit interrupter if necessary.
  • If the dehumidifier requires manual drain, ensure that the power plug has been unplug to reduce the chance of shock.

At the wet and damp weather like current day, dehumidifiers are essential component in your home, helping to keep a comfortable and friendly place to stay. Having a dehumidifier in home also could save you the costs for repairing the damage done my a damp environment or a wet basement.

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