Cesena Bathroom Shower Design Brings More Life For Your Interior

Plano Aqcuaro Bathroom Shower unique furniture shower design

Unique bathroom shower

This unique shower design from Cesena is called Plano Aqcuario. The concept is really simple actually , create a shaft in the shower wall so that something could be put into. The choice of what to place in this appliances is what makes it different, Yes, an aquarium. Though TV,Small Cabinet or even just a Mirror could be placed there too if you didnt feel like being watched by little fish while youre taking a shower. Still the idea of incorporating an aquarium into bathroom furniture is rather natural , since its the kind of place where you deal with water, and the fish lives in water too. Its up to you , whether you would like the original shower design with the fish , or wanted something else as replacement, the guys in Cesena will provide it for you. It always pleasant to see something cute living there, if you know what i mean.

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