Bright Colored Children Bedroom Design

Children bedroom is one of the important place in your house, its where kids will mostly spend their time and supposed to be the most comfortable place for them. Its interior design also pays part in affecting childs mood. A cheerful bedroom design will help setting up the mood and the comfort for the children. This modern and colorful design from Klou is one good sample of bedroom design at its finest from an Italian furniture company , Battistella, combining a contemporary furniture with a simple interior design on childs bedroom.

This green and blue color combination on a modular bedroom set manage to creates a cheerful and simple bedroom composition that fit for a boys room.

Green Blue Minimalist Bedroom Design Modular Bedroom Design Contemporary Children Bedroom Children Bedroom Design

This blue themed bedroom has The Simpson accessories and wall sticker , combined with the minimalist furniture design with only few furniture in it, this room should be helpful to keep the room tidy

These two girls room is painted with orange accent, creating a sporty and dynamic atmosphere into the bedroom while keeping the girly signature of the room by combining it with pink or purple colored furniture

Not a fan of bright color ? Battistellas Klou products line also provide a more calm color for your kids bedroom choice, such as this red and yellow teen bedroom design , incorporating a modern designed furniture , a white book case side by side with a red computer table with white accent , you could almost feel the teen spirit just by the look of it. Well, and the attention stealing psyduck doll is a nice touch we must admit

Thats just a several of the lovely and colorful children bedroom design with modern modular furniture provided by this 50 years old italian company. Theres still a lots of bedroom design combination for children and teenager, from a single bed to bunk bed or cabin beds , visit their website for more composisiton example here

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