Beautiful Rotating Jewelry Armoire From Cherry Wood

Need a compact jewelry storage for your small dressing room ? You might wanted to take a look at this rotating jewelry armoire from LongoLines.
Made to be a beautiful solution for a small space , this contemporary jewerly box is designed to fully optimise its storage space. Made from cherry wood and veneer for the body.

This rotating jewelry armoire exterior frame and rails are build from a studry Poplar hardwood ensuring a strong storage for your jewelry. Featuring plenty of drawer compartement and side earring rails,this fine jewelry armoire able to neatly store around 200 jewelry pieces with easy access by rotating it

Compact Rotating Jewelry Armoire Wooden Jewelry Armoire Rotating Jewelry Organizer Jewelry Armoire

A pretty jewelry armoire choice if you wanted a compact and versatile storage for your small dressing room. More info on this modern rotating jewelry armoire is available at onlyglobes

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