Beautiful Minimalist Circular Bath Tub With Colored Lights

Need some ideas on picking a minimalist bath tub ? this circular bath tub from duravit a german furniture company. Completed with colored light, Blue moon tub will help you relax with combination of light and water therapy combined with a comfortable shape of the tub.

The more water, more space, the more depth the better. With a square body and a circular pan with an immersion depth of 510 mm throughout the elegant Blue Moon tub design offers pure and feel tired. You immerse yourself in the colored lights from the water, the body is completely surrounded by water with only the back touching the tub, and a pleasant feeling of weight in one the floating effect. This feeling comes into its own in the big Blue-Moon-style, compact but not too short in the alternative.

lovely isnt it ? more picture are available at our gallery or through the thumbnail below

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