Beautiful Interior Of Children Hospital in Texas

Designing children healthcare center took a little bit more thinking than an adult medical center. With the children , you must put more about the safety and friendliness of the environment , since as we all know , children are tend to be careless , and highly affected by the area around them. A medical center for children should keep the interior as well as the exterior give a safe feeling , not scary . Weve spotted one of the well designed hospital for children in central Texas , that aim to achieve LEED® platinum level certification, Dell Childrens Medical Center.

Previously , Dell Childrens medical center is a part of an adult hospital. Now , this 473,000 square feet area medical center is becoming a freestanding hospital of its own. Completed in 2007 and eventually awarded LEED® platinum level certification in 2009 , this wonderfully designed architecture is developed by Karlsberger Architecture Firm , which has just closed down its service at June 24, 2011 after about 83 years of service.

The building contains 169 bed , stand perfect with its surrounding area on the former Robert Mueller Municipal Airport. As you can see from the pictures taken by John Durant, a professional architecture photographer , this trend setting children medical center puts a lot of attention to the detail. With lots of vibrant colored wall panel , room separator, this facility trying to create a nice experience for the children visiting there. From the front information center desk to the playing area filled with colorful detail, theres even a bright colored random number and geometric shapes painted on its floor, some access doors even have a cute shape etched on it. A nice and modern children medical center cleverly designed, do doubt its became the world first hospital to receive the LEED® platinum level certification award.

Modern Playing Area At The Texas Children Medical Center Medical Centre Design Children Hospital Interior

More picture on this award winning children hospital is available on our gallery

Photos by John Durant

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