Beautiful Interior In Lakeside Cabin

Looking for a new idea to redecorate the interior of your cabin ? You might wanted to take a look at this chicken point cabin beautiful interior.
This lakeside architecture features a large window opening to the surrounding landscape,forest and lake.

Along with its 30 x 20 feet window wall that gives a splendid scenery, this beautiful cabin was also made using a low maintenance concrete block and plywood that left at its natural color that made a perfect match with the cabin natural surrounding

The use of color and texture are important in the interior of this casual family cabin. Strong blocks of color help to define space and direct the eye. Texture in furnishings provides a soft but strong counterpoint to the hard, raw material palette. Custom tables using plywood and polyurethane create a direct connection to the architecture while providing durability and function. Some of the unique interior features include the custom continuous steel pipe fireplace, the wood slab work surface supported by a truck suspension spring, and the custom stainless steel bathroom sink.

What did you think about this beautiful lakeside cabin interiors by Olson Kundig Architects ? More picture at our gallery

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