Beautiful Girly Candle Lantern With Floral Shape

Stumbled upon these lovely tube shaped candle lantern with floral shape superimposed on it creating a beautiful light reflection as the candle lit. Small -only 21cm tall- and with an elegant white color, these girly tea candle lantern could be a perfect choice for your romantic dinner , or as a beautiful accessories in your living room.

Elegant White Candle Lantern With Snowflake Superimposed White Lantern Tea Candle Lantern Girly Candle Lantern
Quoting from its page, originally posted in French,

The pattern stands out in the paper and petals of layers are superimposed on the cut. A real lace, lit by candles, embellished and warms the atmosphere.

these girly candle lantern are available from 16,00 € at PA Design

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