Beautiful Geometric Lamp Shade for Your Living Room

Living room is no doubt one of the key room in the house with lots of activity. Not only it offers a place to welcoming your guests , but it also represents your entire house.One of the most popular design style for living room interior is minimalist and modern which not only simple but also suitable for all season. This time we would like to present you some of the beautiful geometric lamp shade that will look good on your contemporary styled living room.

Comes from the Normann Copenhagen , a well known Danish furniture manufacturer, this geometrical lamp shade was designed by Simon Karkov, made from lamp shade foil and require no tools for its assembly, this abstract round shaped lamp shade has won Formlandsprisen 2002 and 2003 Imm cologne Award. An elegant and beautiful lamp shade that gives full light exposure.

Contemporary Geometrical Lamp Shade Design Modern Lamp Shade Design minimalist appliances Lamp Shade

Still from the same manufacturer, but this time its a round lamp shape with wavy organic texture,designed by Britt Kornum , this lovely lamp shade used plastic foil as its material and available in two different size . It received best item award in Imm Cologne 2004.

the last from todays list is this minimalist and modern flower shaped lamp shade designed by Simon Karkov for the same manufacturer company. Taking inspiration from the lilies flower, this beautiful lamp shadewill gives your modern living room interior a soft and nice light.

Flower Inspired Contemporary Lamp Shape Design Modern Lamp Shade Design minimalist appliances Lamp Shade

more picture of this minimalist contemporary lamp shade from normann and coppenhagen is available at our gallery. Looking for more infou ? go to

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