Beautiful Floating Lounge for a Cozy Pool in The Summer

Undoubtedly swimming pool will be the place where most summer activity will be. Dinner by the porch near the swimming pool,or even just dozing around on the chaise lounge beside the pool. This excellent selection of floating pool lounge from cozydays will give more choice of how youre going to spend your time in the pool , giving a relaxing place to take a rest after a round of swimming.

The Folding Baja II pool lounge was one of the best floating pool lounge available.
Made from a closed cell honeycomb foam material finished with vinyl coating ensure a soft finished product. Foldable and super soft, this pool lounge chair features a built in headrest , extra sized seat , an and easy to clean chair thanks to the vinyl coating. Available in Bronze, Blue , Aquamarine And Kiwi colors.

If you need a bigger floating pool lounge, try the Scallopped version that comes larger that the previous folding baja, available in three colors, bronze aquamarine and coral, this bulky floating lounge features an extra length in head area, scalloped backrest and a large armrest. This beautiful floating pool lounge could also be folded down for an easy storage

our last selection is the only one that features adjustable backrest. Using the knob on each side of this pool lounge ,the inclination of the backrest could be easily adjusted to a multiple positions. With the super soft material , and double foam with vinyl coated finish, this super soft recliner pool lounge offer more comfort supported with an internal steel frame for an excellent stability. Built with several luxurious attributes such as an extra wide seat, beverage holders, and oversized arm, like the previous pool lounge weve covered, this one also foldable to save some space in the storage. Available in six color choice

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