Artificial Christmas Trees From Cardboard

Artificial christmas trees is a good alternative for you who doesnt want to deal with all the hasle of managing a real christmas trees in your house. This time well take a look at an artificial christmas trees made from cardboard. Coming from Cloud Gate Design LLC, a design company from chicago.

Trying to create a more environmentally friendly christmas , this artificial trees was made by recycling a corrugated cardboard. Even the packaging for this cardboard christmas trees was made from a recycled cardboard. Available in 1ft and 3ft size, this modern christmas trees also have a two color selection , original kraft and white.

With the price of Price: $9.95 for the 1ft size and $19,95 for 3ft size, these trees is a cheap and reusable alternative for natural christmas trees. You could also let your kids having fun painting the trees with their own color or draw their favourite character on it. By buying this simple artificial christmas trees, you also become a donator for the Trees for America program , since 1$ will be donated through for each cardboard christmas trees sold.

What did you think about this artificial cardboard christmas trees ? Would you choose this over the natural christmas trees ?

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