Amazing Mist Covered Building

Have you ever wonder how it feels like walking through the cloud ? This Blur Building will give you pretty much the same experience. Built for the 2002 Swiss Expo , this magnificent architecture stand 75 feet high and about 300 feet wide on the Neuchatel lake. Utilizing the lakes water to be pumped , and later projected out as a thick mist from over 30.000 mist nozzles. The high pressure nozzles is controlled with an advance weather system that could control the mist nozzles by reading the weather condition around the building, such as temperature , wind speed and humidity , keeping a well balanced environment

from the website

Upon entering the fog mass, visual and acoustic references are erased, leaving only an optical white-out and the white-noise of pulsing nozzles. Blur is an anti-spectacle. Contrary to immersive environments that strive for high-definition visual fidelity with ever-greater technical virtuosity, Blur is decidedly low-definition: there is nothing to see but our dependence on vision itself.

This mist covered architecture is the works of Diller Scofidio an interdisciplinary firm straddling architecture, urban design, visual arts and the performing arts. Truly an architecture with great inhabitant experience


more info about the blur building project are available at dillerscofidio
images: dillerscofidio

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