Amazing Minimalist Glass Cottage With Stunning View Of The Sea

Awesome! is what we had in mind the first time we stumble upon this minimalist glass cottage build near the boulder toward the sea. Built with a big glass opening as the wall of the cottage, this simple architecture was a perfect place to enjoy the sun and the scenery of the sea below.

Located in natural areas of Stockholm archipelago , this cottage has an overflow pool at the outer edge of the stone block , overlooking the sea. Theres also a uniquely designed fire pit and recessed sitting area , creating nice place protected from the wind. Using plain rectangular shape as the base floor plan with bright colored material used indoor , while giving a darker colored on the outside giving this minimalist and modern cottage an elegant look. On its concrete foundation , Gotland limestone is used and crafted like a massive plinth as a walkways along the three houses facades.

Albeit its clean and simple design that gives a maximum panoramic view of the bay, an advanced technology is used to supporting the comfortable living inside the cottage. Among them are a geothermal heat pump for the outdoor pool , floor heating and also the hot water, desalination unit to extract tap water form the sea and also a district cooling, providing an eco friendly air conditioning to the cottage, all of this advanced technology were controlled using a web based smart interface that could be accessed via internet. Sweet!

Fire Pit WIth Comfortable Seating Sheltered From Wind Swedish Villa Minimalist Glass Cottage Eco Friendly Cottage Bay House

Click on the image for more picture or go to John Robert Architect Page (Swedish) for more info about this minimalist glass cottage
Photography is by Ã…ke E:son Lindman.

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