5 Staircase Design Inspiration for Small Home

Staircase design especially for small home is an important aspect to be considered, not only choosing the right staircase model and design could lead to a lesser occupied space for the stairs, it could also had an impact to your small home interior looks,for example, using a bulky and plain designed staircase could have an unwanted effect that might result in a dull looking room , or even a small activity space, here weve compiled 5 staircase design that will looks good for your small home or minimalist interior design.

Ross Lovegrove Vertical Spiral Staircase

With a sleek and modern design , this futuristic spiral staircase design from Ross Lovegrove combine modern design and usability. Using bladder molded glass and carbon fiber as its material , resulting a lovely and space saving vertical staircase

Ross Lovegrove Vertical Spiral Stair small home improvement Minimalist Staircase Design

Floating Staircase Design By Roberto Murgia

This minimalist floating staircase from Italian designer, Roberto Murgia cleverly designed to give less intrusion to the room design , with the ringers part of the stairs left hollowed, and the painting is matched to the interior, this minimalist staircase design blend nicely with the room design

Transparent Glass Staircase

By having a transparent staircase you have the benefit of un-obstructive staircase for the view area, though i guess it will require a little more care than the wood based or steel based staircase

Floating Vertical Spiral Transparent Staircase

The name explain itself, we had no clue about whose the designer though,combination of a space saving design of vertical staircase and glass material , providing the most minimal effect to your interior look

Staircase with Storage Space

While not being minimalist in its design , a staircase with storage capability also give a great improvement to your small home, giving an access to the higher room level while giving a room to place your belonging, a compact and clever solution

Document Storage Staircase small home improvement Minimalist Staircase Design

Do you have any other ideas for a small home staircase design ? kindly share through the comment box below

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