Modern and Minimalist Umbrella Stand Inspired From Lego Shape

Umbrella stand despite its small size could be a beautiful addition to your home or office interior if designed right. This time wed like to present you one of the modern styled umbrella stand with minimalist design that not only became just an umbrella stand but also a beautiful decoration in your room interior.

Our pick for todays post is is AKI umbrella stand from B-line , an Italian furniture company started back in 1999. This minimalist and colorful umbrella stand was inspired from the lego shape,and made from rotomoulded polyethylene. Simple and its unusual shape added playfulness to your interior design. Taking its name from Japanese word for autumn , this unique umbrella stand have a several choice of lovely color and an interestign geometric shape that would fit nicely with your contemporary designed home or office.

More pictures are available from our gallery .

As for more info about this colorful umbrella stand with minimalist design could be found from B-line website

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