5 Minimalist Modern Bedroom Design Inspiration For New Year

Christmas was a few days behind, and new year is just hours ahead , you might wanted to do some bedroom redecoration for a new spirit in welcoming 2012. Have you decide what kind of bedroom design youd like for next year ? if you havent yet, these 5 minimalist bedroom designs inspiration might help you get some ideas for a less hassle bedroom.

Retro Bedroom Design

Retro style seems like always had a come back in style, with a little modification it would be great for almost anytime of the year.

Calming Bedroom Design

With a calming color combination of white and shades of purple, this lovely bedroom design will match your modern house desgin

Traditional Bedroom Design

Are you into shabby style ? This traditional bedroom design could be a nice example of minimalist yet traditional bedroom decor

Tree Themed Minimalist Girls Bedroom

Looking for some inspiration for a girly bedroom design ? this white bedroom with red and pink accent on the bed cover and the swirly wallpaper is a great combination

cozy bedroom with bookcase cabinet

Love to read books ? take a look at this cozy bedroom design with a bright bookcase background that also brings mory dynamic feels to the simple white bedroom decor

So what would your 2012 bedroom design would be ? We hope at least these 5 minimalist modern bedroom design inspiration will help you get some idea to get started

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