5 Important Things To Consider When Designing A Children Classrooms

Children classrooms design is no doubt giving a great contribution in creating an effective learning environment. As a teacher,we do know that a conducive and comfortable classrooms, especially for children is one of the most important factor in order to create an efficient teaching and maximize learning opportunity of the kids.

There are a few important element that must be put into attention to create an optimized classrooms, heres 5 things that youd better consider before designing a children classrooms :

Know your student

As a teacher, you must remember that kids doesnt always learn in a same way,seating position could also affecting their learning, so you must be sure that every children in your care would be able to hear you from wherever their seating are, while putting in mind to the student with special needs, i.e theres a type of student who cant concentrate if their teacher is not in front of them.

Safety first

Always make sure youve got this one covered. A physical area in the children classroom could be a positive element if designed right. Remember that young children would love to wandering about in the room , and negative effect could be ensued when those need wasnt properly meet. Design wisely,too many empty spaces will make it difficult to make the children concentrate to your teaching, but too small space could also stressful to them,just make sure that its still easy to move around and the door could still be easily reached when theres emergency situation.


Storage is also one of the key thing you must take into account while designing a decent children classrooms,it will helpful when the kids now where they suppose to put their material for the lesson , a small cabinet for example, this will keep your class less messy too. Remember to design one for your belonging too.

Assign a spot for group working

Working with children will involving a lot of group working. An area designated for this purpose could be placed away from their desk , and have a separate regulation, in a small class room , you could improvise by rounding their tables or maybe put it aside all together.

and last but not least

Pay attention to the nature of the classroom

These little things such as sun ray, heat air or some high cabinet could disturb your classroom situation , for example the sun ray from the front of the class could bother the children sight, or maybe the window glare that shone right on your eye level, these little things if not taken seriously could make your class uncomfortable.

So, that was our list of 5 things that you might wanted to do a recheck while designing classrooms for the children, do you have any other tips to share ? do leave your tips by the comment form below


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