5 Creative Ideas For Unused Fireplace

Have an unused fireplace because you already have new one built for this winter ? Instead of left in empty and dull why not try to be creative about it. Unused fireplace could be a pretty room decor if you know how to decorate it , especially if it already has a beautiful fireplace mantel , more the reason not to let it sit idly or destroyed. In todays post weve compiled 5 creative ideas to used on your old fireplace. Lets start with the first one.

Log storage might not sounds like something creative , turns out using your unused fireplace as a log storage not only makes the log stored near you but also make a great decor to your old fireplace like this picture below , pretty isnt it ?

unused Fireplace as Log Storage

Having a romantic event ? why not try to fill your unused fireplace with candles. Several pillar candles on varying sizes would look pretty , try to put some used candle to add more natural effect

Unused Fireplace Filled With Candle

If you have a bunch of old book lying around , you could also stock it up in your unused fireplace

Unused Fireplace as Book Storage

Using your old fireplace as a suitcase storage could be useful and space-saving too , plus itll looks good if you have a matching color

Beautiful Suitcase Storage on Unused Fireplace

Feeling a little more creative ? why not build a shelves from it ? a few pliers and some wallpaper would make a pretty storage space your room

Vintage Shelves From Unused Fireplace

Lovely aint they ? thats our 5 creative ideas to reused your old fireplace, do you have any other things to do with unused fireplace ?

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