5 Chic Ideas to Renovate Your Ordinary Bathroom

A lovely bathroom has always been an important part of the house for woman. Who wouldn’t want a relaxing buble bath or steamy shower after work in a well decorated bathroom ? Many woman thinks its hard and cost too much when its about renovate the bathroom and put some girly touch on it. Theres a couple of things you can do to makeover your bathroom with feminine feel without spending too much. Any style of girly bathroom décor could be made with adjustment, whether its trendy, elegant combination of several styles put into one , here’s few little things you could do to improve your bathroom and add more girls element to it :

Brings Out More Girls Color

Color is one of a key part in a girly bathroom renovating since its the most noticeable properties in any room. Try soft vintage or pastel pink for girly look, or a shade of violet if you like to be less girly yet still on the feminine range. It wasn’t wrong though, if youre more to a bolder style , such as fuchsia , red violet or a royal purple.

Put Some Candle Element

Some tea candle holder or a colorful glass candle holder will add more detail to your small bathroom make over, plus you could use it for some aromatherapy candle if you like, for a larger bathroom putting a chandelier is also a good option.

Use Colorful Storage Boxes

Replace your usual plastic storage box to something more girly such as manostiles boxes or a paper drawer and display them on the counter. These little things help building the image of a girly bathroom.

Pick a Feminine Mirrors

Instead of a general square or round mirror, pick the one with an accent, a wavy mirror or a round hanging mirror with vintage accent helps the makeover to your room.

Flowers Flowers Flowers

Last but not least, a simply fresh and colorful flowers do great part to add more feminine touch to any room. Inexpensive and flexible, doesn’t need that much time or money when you need to change color and styles.

These few things will helps you renovate your bathroom without having to spend too much, off course if you would like to do some major makeover there will be a lot of things you could do, such as changing the tiles, or replace your ordinary sink, bathtub or shower, but for those whod like a minor yet noticeable different in bathroom renovating these tips might sparks a few more good ideas.

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