5 Bright Colored Shower Curtains With Flower Pattern

Shower curtains is one of bathroom elements that could play an important role in the decoration but sometimes just taken for what it is. Choosing the right shower curtain design will make your bathroom design a lot more interesting. Today we give you our 5 beautiful flower patterned shower curtain choices that will brighten up your feminine or girly bathroom

Cute pink fabric shower curtain
This 71 X 71 inch white shower curtain were covered in a pop flower pattern with soft pink color that will add a feminine look to your bathroom. Made from polyester fabric, this shower curtain was treated to resist water and mildew that claimed to make it last longer than the usual fabric curtain.

girly pink flower shower curtain 187x300 shower curtain girly bath accessories

pop flower shower curtain

Blue hibiscus organic shower curtain
Made from fully organic cotton percale, this 7272 inch shower curtain have a hibiscus flower miniature patter on it. In addition to the buttonhole in the top for easy hanging, this lovely hibiscus shower curtain were also available in bright pink color

blue hibiscus shower curtain

Tropical flower shower curtain
Taking inspiration from the warm tropical paradise color, this shower curtain features a big and colorful blooms and palm fronds that almost covered the entire shower curtain. Made from 100% cotton percale.

big tropical flower pattern

Sweet sunflower shower curtain
Comes from the Blonder Bath Accessories collection this summer themed shower curtain had a cheerful sunflowers motif with the green and blue hues. Made from polyester duck weave , this sunflower patterned shower curtain create to be water resistant

cheerful sunflower pattern

Garden party organic shower curtain
Another oversized garden floral pattern from corner to corner, this garden party shower curtain was also made from 100% organic cotton . Taking inspiration from the garden blooms watercolors paint, this beautiful shower curtain could be a nice choice for your bathroom. Also available in periwinkle blue floral pattern

girly pink shower curtain

What did you think of our 5 shower curtains choice ? would you like one of them ? or do you have another lovely shower curtains ? Do tell us on the comment

image from pbteen , bathandbeyond , showerail and macys

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  1. colleen says:

    How do I find the big tropical flower shower curtain?

    • mark says:

      hi colleen , you could try look at pbteen or bathandbeyond website, they have plenty option of flower shower curtain

  2. Kelley says:

    How do I get one of these ?

    • mark says:

      Hi kelly , you could check at these site under bathroom curtain i believe
      pbteen , bathandbeyond , showerail and macys

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