5 Blue Colored Wallpaper Ideas for Child Bedroom

Blue is a popular chosen color for a children bedroom wallpaper, to be honest, it seems theres only two popular color for a toddler though , blue and the girly pink. Today well pick 5 blue colored wallpaper from wallpaperstore that might help to sparken up an ideas for your children bedroom make over

This marine life themed wallpaper features a colorful fish with pastel like color on an aqua blue background, giving a hand painted effect on your kids bedroom wall.

Summer themed wallpaper with beach shoes and sunglasses pattern on a blue flower and butterfly patterned background is more fitted in a girls bedroom ,creating a fresh and charming bedroom wall for your children.

Cute and Colorful, this blue cloud wallpaper comes with some lovely stick and peel applique sets of trees and critters , or house and dogs, bringing a playful element to the bedroom

Uniquely designed to mimic a scenery from window, this lovely kids bedroom wallpaper had a night themed style. The design is close resemble an open window, complete with teddy bear on it and a scenery outside.

Another beach themed wallpaper for the last of our 5 kids bedroom wallpaper selection to inspire you, this one has a bright beach toys patterned border, and starfish pattern on its wall part over the blue background , both has glitter effect

Is there one that you like ? more info about these cute blue kids bedroom wallapper at wallapperstore.com

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