5 Birdcage Wallpaper Collection For Girls Room Decoration

Birdcage wallpaper is gaining popularity recently. Mostly comes in a pretty vintage design, this lovely wallpaper pattern fit mostly in the girls room interior yet still look nice too in other room. Weve found 5 of the lovely birdcage wallpaper that worth to take a look at before you decide which one to choose for your wall decor.

The Tweety Serendipity from Thibaut wallpapers and fabric features a birdcage wallpaper pattern on vintage orange color,creating a focal point of the house.

vintage orange birdcage wallpapers vintage birdcage pattern birdcage wallpapers

Another colorful birdcage wallpapers fabric still from Thibaut collection features a white wallpaper fabric background with a nice colorful birdcage pattern on in, since it was made on fabrication it could also be use on the upholstery for a matching look in the room

This feminine birdcage wallpaper comes from Laura Ashley collection , featuring a soft and pretty colored birdcage pattern with bird and branches, on cream colored background, looks nice when matched with white furniture

Next we have this big black and white birdcage wallpapers pattern with yellow chartreuse bird occasionally appear in the pattern, its choice of color and big pattern design blend nicely with either vintage or modern interior design

And last and certainly not least, from the popular birdcage walk series of Nina Campbell, this birdcage wallpaper series features several different color combination with songbirds, branches and gilt cages pattern, this pretty wallpaper series was named after the street to Buckingham Palace.

vintage birdcage walk wallpapers vintage birdcage pattern birdcage wallpapers

Which one do you like the most ? or did you have other birdcage wallpaper youd like to share ?

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